Our Vision


Experience JAPAN… We did, and now is your turn!

For over 9 years, Doug Ashley and I didn’t travel as a family.  We were too busy building, sacrificing and compromising everything to get ahead.

There was a day of reckoning and I turned all that around, almost overnight.

With virtually no notice, our first family holiday, following that drought was Japan. Ashleys choice of course.  WOW – what a start to a new life! What a destination to reconnect to your family. 

We fell in love. With the country, the people, the tradition, the culture and the honour which is more highly valued in Japan than life itself.

Almost the last thing we did was attend a SUMO presentation. Knowing very little about SUMO with the exception of the Mitsubishi Ads ‘Not so squeezy’ campaign growing up, Doug and I had zero understanding. We went purely on reviews in our decision to attend this show. The reviews were spot on! The excursion was the highlight of this amazing adventure and our most memorable family images.

We all learnt so much about the ancientness of SUMO that day, the rules, rituals, moves, dedication, skill, sacrifice and the importance of this fascinating and spiritual sport in even modern Japan.

Of course being so in love with Japan, and loving the story of the SUMO and their connection to Australia we invited Sato San as a good will gesture to our Country to experience our culture. Sato San and our second SUMO Tashiro San, more information below, are the faces of the current Fuso Truck Ads broadcast in Australia as a current marketing campaign to this day and are quite famous in their own right.

And that’s were the Experience JAPAN vision began…

To build an experience on the Gold Coast that would inspire others to also fall in love with Japan or, for those like us already in love, to relive their memories for a night.  So here we are, we have teamed up with others just as passionate as ourselves to bring you this unique experience…

Experience JAPAN…and SUMO.

Doug and I are just a mum and dad with a passion for making a difference in the world and leaving a legacy. Our dream is to bring this stunning culture to Australia. And here we are a few months later, doing just that.

We bring Japan to you…we invite you to fall in love too,  and maybe, just maybe… be inspired to travel to the most unique country in the world. This will be a beautiful experience.

Arigatou Gozaimasu Japan.

Support diversity and encourage inclusion by attending this event, the world needs more understanding, and more respect right now.

Much love and gratitude,  

Doug, Tracey and Ashley XXX