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We are delighted to welcome our event partners…who have supported us in bringing you this inaugural event, experience JAPAN…

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Sponsorships Available Now 

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It’s not every day a SUMO from Tokyo arrives on the Gold Coast for an event.   Experience Japan, is the ultimate interactive dining experience with live sumo wrestling, authentic Japanese entertainment and tantalising cuisine.   As a Sponsor you will enjoy great exposure for your brand.
Our SUMO, Sato San and Tashiro San are extremely entertaining retired pro champion wrestlers. In Japan they demonstrate the rituals, rules and moves while educating on the Ancient history of one of the oldest sports in the world and their life in the stables.
Guests rave about their experience…
Sato San and Tashiro San currently appear in Australia’s FUSO Truck Campaign. You may remember this as the ‘Not so squeezy’ Mitsubishi television commercials.
In Australia, SUMO is still niche however the sport is vying for a spot in the Olympics in the near future.  It was only in October, 2018 that the International SUMO Federation of Japan was recognised by the IOC. This is traditionally the precursor to the inclusion of Sport into the Olympics.
As a sponsor you will be supporting the awareness of SUMO.
Be among the first to leverage off this inaugural event.
Should you wish to join us again, your well positioned for our future events.
We have various levels of sponsorship opportunities, some including a private appearance.   Imagine your VIP Clients being among the very few to experience SUMO up close and personal!
What better way to demonstrate the strength of your brand!
Click the ‘Sponsor Us’ button for a full information pack with details of all sponsorship packages available so your business can be part of the celebration and immersion into the culture and traditions that is the Japanese Culture and Sumo.

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Tracey & Doug – Sumo International Events – Gold Coast